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PUBLICATIONS & FORMS: Regulated Forestry Profession Act
Excerpts from the Regulated Forestry Profession Act

Mandatory Registration & Protected Title Provisions:

Mandatory registration

40(1) A person must apply for registration if the person

(a) is qualified to meet the requirements of section 22(2) for registration as a regulated member, and
(b) intends to provide any or all of the following:

  1. professional services on public land;
  2. the teaching of the practice of a regulated profession to regulated members or students of the regulated profession;
  3. the supervision of regulated members who provide professional services on public land.

(2) If the registrar is of the opinion that a person who is not a regulated member meets or may meet the requirements of subsection (1)(a) with respect to the college and provides any or all services described in subsection (1)(b), the registrar may give that person a written request to apply for registration.

(3) A person who receives a request under subsection (2) must give a complete application for registration, except for the application fee, to the registrar within 30 days after receiving the request and the application fee must be paid prior to registration.

(4) This section does not apply to a person who is

(a) a regulated member of another college,
(b) a student of a regulated profession, or
(c) authorized to provide any services referred to in subsection (1) pursuant to another enactment.

22(2) An applicant must provide evidence of competence in the practice of the profession

(a) by fulfilling one or more of the following as required by the regulations:

  1. education requirements, that may include being enrolled in a program of studies,
  2. experience requirements,
  3. successful completion of examinations, or
  4. holding degrees, certificates or diplomas,

(b) by being registered with a profession in another jurisdiction recognized by the regulations or the council as having substantially equivalent competence and practice requirements and meeting the requirements for persons to be registered with that profession in that jurisdiction and by meeting any additional requirements set out in the regulations, or

(c) by satisfying the registration committee of having, as determined in accordance with the regulations, a combination of education, experience, practice or other qualifications that demonstrates the competence required for registration as a regulated member.

The Act defines the practice of forestry as follows:

1(1)(u) "practice of forestry" means the development, acquisition or application of scientific principles and practices relating to forestry, products of forested land and integrated management of forested land and includes, without limitation,

  1. the inventory, classification, appraisal and evaluation of forests and forested land,
  2. the development and implementation of programs for harvesting and renewal of forests and forested land,
  3. the conservation, reclamation, improvement or protection of forests, forested land or forest soils for forestry purposes,
  4. the preparation of forest resource management plans,
  5. the development of integrated resource management plans and administration of forested land,
  6. the teaching of forestry at a college, technical institute or university, and
  7. the conducting of research activities related to forestry;

The Act lists penalties and provisions for non-compliance:


41(1) A person who meets the requirements of section 40(1) but does not comply with a request under section 40(2) is guilty of an offence.

(2) A person who is guilty of an offence under this section is liable

(a) for a first offence, to a fine of not more than $2000,
(b) for a 2nd offence, to a fine of not more than $4000, and
(c) for a 3rd and every subsequent offence, to a fine of not more than $6000 or to imprisonment for a term of not more than 6 months or to both fine and imprisonment.

(3) A prosecution under this section may be commenced within 2 years after the commission of the alleged offence, but not afterwards.


42 The Court of Queen's Bench, on application by a college by way of originating notice, may grant an injunction enjoining any person who meets the requirements of section 40(1)(a) from providing any or all services described in section 40(1)(b) if the person is not a regulated member or is not authorized to provide the services pursuant to another enactment.

Schedule 1
Profession of Registered Professional Foresters

Continuation of corporation

1. On the coming into force of this Act, the corporation known as The Alberta Registered Professional Foresters Association is continued as a corporation under the name the College of Alberta Professional Foresters.

Use of titles, abbreviations and initials

2. A regulated member of the College of Alberta Professional Foresters may, as authorized by the regulations, use any of the following titles, abbreviations and initials:

(a) "Registered Professional Forester", "R.P.F." or "RPF";
(b) "Registered Forester", "R.F." or "RF";
(c) "Professional Forester", "P.For." or "P For";
(d) "Forester-in-training", "F.I.T." or "FIT".

Practice of forestry

3. In their professional practice, registered professional foresters carry on the practice of forestry.

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